Amanda Roy

About Me

How I went from losing 100 pounds 16 years ago to becoming a weight loss specialist and serving other women wanting to lose weight and transform their lives.

My Story

I never had a problem losing weight. I was young and very active so the weight wasn’t an issue.

Fast forward to my late 20s, I began the journey of trying to have babies. After being diagnosed with endometriosis (hormone issue), I discovered that my body had decided to block my tubes and created an infertile environment for children. 

Trying to have a child felt impossible but I was determined so after trying for 5 years and having multiple tests done and lots of prayer, we decided to have in-vitro. Nine months later I was “gifted” with the birth of 2 beautiful and perfect sons. 

Amanda in Nature

 I found myself eating for 4 (anyone else?). After my sons were born, my body didnt change. In fact, I swear I didnt lose a single pound after my c-section!  I was left with an oversized body with stretch marks that covered my butt and thighs and trailed up beyond my belly button. I truly prayed they would stay below but I guess it wasnt in the cards. 

"I will never be attractive again"

I felt disgusting. I wasnt just an overweight pregnant woman anymore, I was fat. I remember crying in the shower about how I looked. “I would never be attractive again,” were my thoughts. “I would never fit back into my clothes.” 

I didnt know what to do but after being asked mutiple times if I was pregnant again, I knew “something” was better than just wallowing in my own “now” low self esteem. I had no more excuses. The babies were getting bigger. It was time for a serious change. 

Of course, my mind told me one thing but my body conveyed a completely different mindset. My back ached, my knees hurt. I was out of breath. Every time I popped in a Pilates DVD, I hurt my lower back and couldnt do anything for weeks. Why does that always happen that way?  Your mindset is there and then BOOM!  

Well, I couldnt let it stop me. I was determined to get my body back. 

What started to change

I started to stretch as I learned that stretching was beneficial for warming up your muscles so I did that first. When I felt a little more limber and motivated, I got a membership at a 24 hour gym, because I didnt want to work out with other people, so I often went late at night, like 11 pm kind-of-late. Then I started lifting some weights. I did the same thing EVERY time. I know now that its not the best but who knew?  Not me!  I knew I just needed to do something so I studied workouts online and watched the few late nighters and started dropping some pounds. Walking on the treadmill lead to some jogging, which led to some running and before I knew it, I was shedding pounds like a crazy woman. 

It took me almost 2 years after my sons’ birth to get all my weight off, however, the journey was invaluable. Not only did I learn to persevere but I learned to love myself again. 

When I became pregnant with my daughter 6 years later, I went through the same emotions but I felt more prepared because I KNEW how to get the weight back off. Besides the extra stretch marks and more loose skin, I had victory again over my body’s nature desire to gain weight and hold onto it.

It was suggested approximately 7 years ago to become a personal trainer because I had fallen in love with strength training and was always giving out advice. I did and trained for a little while before I stepped into the Regional Manager position of a weight loss center for the last 4 years. 

When covid threw all our lives into chaos, I was one of the lucky ones who lost my job. After rising up from my short-term depression, I realized it had been the best thing that had happened to me. Because, like many others, I had put my career first and myself and family on the back burner. I gained some weight back, lost my muscle tone, and then when I took a look in the mirror, I said “what the heck!” Now at 45 years old, losing weight isnt as easy because we lucky ladies have hormones to deal with but just as I was 18 years ago, I am passionately pursuing my own transformation again and decided I MUST continue to help others do the same.  So…. here I am.

Jim and Amanda Roy


Sweet new client that had great success working with us in the first few weeks. She lost weight while eating healthy foods and eating more than normal. This was before she started her keto program. Loved her results and her energy!

80s week with my team. We won 1st place in our region this day for best 80s outfits. Such a fun week of crazy outfits!

My Days As a Weight Loss Coach

Lunch with my team about 6 months after MRC closed its doors in Boise due to Covid. Great ladies and friends!

Facebook Group video before a class on Self Sabotage.